Our Purpose

Just Buck It was founded out of a desire to give back to the natural places that have provided people with unlimited avenues for adventure. In our lifetime of growing up on the Great Lakes, we have witnessed more and more plastic waste accumulate on our beloved shores. Realizing these places were not going to last forever without drastic change, we wanted to find a solution that allowed anyone to take part in cleaning up our planet. Our product enables anyone and everyone to make a positive, tangible impact on the environment all while living their life to the fullest.

Our product

Our products were born out of consideration for the future of our environment, with each hat being made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles. Not only does our versatile product consider the health of the planet, but it also offers comfort like no other. From the lightweight, water-resistant, breathable material to the durable, long-lasting, comfortable design, you can guarantee each bucket hat will offer the perfect style. We have also incorporated an elastic band on the inner brim of each hat, allowing our hats to be adjusted to the perfect, personal fit.

Our Planet

Given the imminent threats fast fashion possesses on our environment, every little commitment to being more sustainable matters. Though our sustainability efforts account for a small portion of a much larger issue, we want to emphasize our commitment to help save the future of our planet. Each purchase takes a gradual step on creating a more sustainable planet, as each hat removes 7 water bottles from our waterways. While extending the life of discarded plastic and turning pollution into a product,  our packaging is made of 100% biodegradable materials.


Our product aims to leave consumers confident, not only in the style of their hat but also in the fit. Our product is revolutionizing the market with our adjustable elastic band embedded in the inner brim of the hat. This allows for the perfect, personal fit for each uniquely sized head